defend the forest!
mixed media collage, acrylic painting, spraypainting, silkscreen

Infuriated, saddened, and filled with rage. Across the US, continued investment in the militarization of the police comes at the expense of access to food, education, childcare, and healthcare, of affordable and stable housing, of parks and public spaces, of transit and the free movement of people, of economic stability for the many. Concentrating resources in the hands of police serves to defend the extreme accumulation of wealth and power by corporations and the very rich. 

The state will continue to militarize while killing our loved ones and our land, and we will not stop fighting against their efforts. True justice will never be found under this system. 

Extending my utmost solidarity with the Welaunee Forest Defenders of Atlanta, and my infinite love to Manny “Tortugita” Teran’s family and friends.

We are the land.

Excerpts from Crime Thinc