Lie, Cheat, & Steal:
The CIA’s Disastrous Scientific Legacy

mixed media collage, digital design

Commissioned work for Science for the People Magazine’s winter 2022-2023 issue “Killing in the Name of”. The piece was for an article found in the issue, “Lie, Cheat, & Steal: The CIA’s Disastrous Scientific Legacy”. The article provides a detailed history of the CIA's use of pseudoscience and disinformation tactics, starting from its inception and leading up to present day. The article also explores the evolution of the CIA's tactics and how they align with the practices of tech giants such as Google and Meta. Serving as a visual accompaniment to the article, my piece highlights the key points and themes discussed, contributing to a deeper understanding of the complex and controversial history of the CIA's involvement in scientific research and its ongoing impact on the tech industry.

The piece was designed for print, but is accompanied with a video animatic. 

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